Our services are diagnostic, educational and personal. Whether ordering lab work, thyroid consultations, Nervous system restorative therapies (chiropractic) or Coaching Dr. Gorgas provides his patients with the remedies and education for regaining and maintaining optimum health and wellness outcomes. His online courses and PDF’s provide his patients with ongoing support and education that they can always refer back to as needed.









Thyroid Health

Unique Thyroid Diagnostic Model leaves out all the guesswork in your TSH levels

While the standard medical model looks at thyroid health from a symptoms treatment perspective, Dr. Gorgas explores the glands importance in almost all metabolic functions. Recognizing that every cell in the body has receptor sites for thyroid hormones, his model delves way beyond merely monitoring TSH levels, leaving out the guesswork and giving you good, comprehensive, and fast results that most of his patients rave about.

This may include evaluating hormones, food intolerances, gut and brain function. He evaluates Neurotransmitters, Vitamin D, Ferritin and Iron levels as well as Adrenal and Blood Sugar Imbalances.

We know that successfully managing thyroid disorders takes more than just managing your TSH with thyroid replacement hormones.

We focus on the immune system, the most common mechanism for thyroid disorders in the United States.

We take a whole-person approach which factors in hormone imbalance, immune imbalance, adrenal and blood sugar imbalance, and digestive imbalance when formulating our approach for a patient.

We order Comprehensive lab panels utilize functional lab interpretation to guide and direct your treatment. This means that your treatment protocol is based on the unique imbalances in YOUR body, not just what the ‘typical’ thyroid patient has.

“…his model delves way beyond merely monitoring TSH levels, leaving out all the guesswork and giving you good, comprehensive, and fast results..”

services_icons-gorgas_neuro-blueNeurological Health

Spot-on brain function assessment even before any disease is diagnosed

In spite of the brain and nervous system controlling and regulating all body functions, modern medicine falls short in assessing brain function until you have a stroke or come down with a neurodegenerative disease such as Parkinson and Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, this may be too late. Dr Gorgas prides himself in correlating prior head injury and or trauma to current symptoms such as headaches and vertigo as well as other neurological conditions. He has been assessing brain function as a Chiropractor for 35 years.

Recognizing that the brain and nervous system need fuel and activation to function optimally, he performs an in depth neurological exam on all patients often detecting signs of inflammation years before any neurological symptoms may permanently set in. His protocols are designed to reduce inflammation and stimulate neural pathways to help you regain your neurological health quickly. His natural protocols for Vertigo, Headaches and Brain Fog are internationally recognized by many of his patients that consult him from as far away as Australia, Canada and Mexico.

Spot on Spinal, Nerve, and Brain assessment to determine the underlying cause of the pain or condition.


High Performance Coaching offers success with optimum health and wellness

As a Doctor I believe that expressing optimum health has the largest impact on how you perform in life. As a Coach, I believe that High Performance in our lives is the result of heightened and sustained levels of Energy, Clarity, Courage, Productivity, and Influence! We achieve the above by mastering our Physiology, Psychology Productivity, Persuasion, Presence and Purpose.

The 12 skill developing sessions are designed to help you develop the above in either a 12 week or 12 month format. To work directly or remotely with Dr. Gorgas in achieving High Performance in your life, please click below.

High Performance means succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long – term.


When you show love and respect to your body it responds with health and vitality

Life style and dietary changes are central to maintaining optimum health. The Romancing your Health Lifestyle involves not only making changes in the quality, quantity and timing of what we eat but most importantly how well we manage Stress!

Dr Gorgas makes healthy living fun and easy to implement. Whether it is healthy tips on going Gluten Free, supplements or state of the art Stress Reduction applications, Dr Gorgas delivers his message in a joyous, fun easy to implement fashion.

Waking up and knowingly transforming your life to express optimum health throughout your entire life is what the Romancing Your Health lifestyle is all about.
dr-michael-home-photoDiscover why 90% of women on thyroid replacement hormones are likely to continue suffering from low thyroid symptoms.

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