Phone and Skype Thyroid Consultations

Dr. Gorgas has helped hundreds of people in person, over the phone, Skype, Google hangouts consultations.  Our methods allow us to identify a broad range of conditions for patients throughout the US and other countries.

Our office in Oceanside, CA offers solution oriented visits to our patients from all corners of the San Diego area.

Dr. Gorgas’s programs are 100% natural. Treatments are aimed at relieving your symptoms and making your body strong and healthier.  Not masking them with pain killers and other drugs. Using drugs often causes your condition and physical health to continually deteriorate without ever finding the actual underlying cause of your health condition.

Dr. Gorgas has developed an advanced diagnostic method that allows him to locate the underlying causes. By gathering data and asking you key questions related to your health issues we can often pinpoint your trouble areas. He has many years of experience treating a wide range of conditions and understands what contributing factors may be causing your specific problem.

The first step is scheduling a FREE Case Review and Consultation. Let’s uncover those hidden problems that are preventing you from being your best version of you!

To schedule, please call us at 760.433.4000 or email at doctorgorgas@gmail.com and we will get you scheduled.  Don’t wait to stop suffering needlessly. Whether you need morning or evening, we are available for you Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

If you would like a Phone, FaceTime, Skype or Google hangout:


When you contact our office:

1) We’ll schedule your free case review and consultation appointment.

2) We’ll confirm your appointment via email, and send you a link to download the new patient forms, your metabolic assessment, and the NTAF.

3) It is important that we receive your completed new patient paperwork and any recent lab work or any other tests prior to your appointment. This allows the  doctor to review your case and better meet your needs. This is an essential part of the process. If you prefer you may fax, mail, or email the paperwork to us.

4) Dr. Gorgas will review your case and your tests to prepared for your appointment.

5) If you choose to use Skype, please send us your Skype ID.  Once we receive it, we can request the contact.

6) Dr Gorgas will call, Skype or do google hangouts at the time scheduled.

In the event Dr. Gorgas unable to keep your appointment because of in-house consultations, we will contact you prior to your appointment.

Your consultation will take about 30 to 45 minutes on average

We look forward to helping you feel better and be the best, happiest, and most comfortable version of yourself.

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