1. Is Dr. Gorgas an MD?
No. Dr. Gorgas is a DC ( doctor of Chiropractic )but he is certified on Functional medicine, nutritional, supplementation, and Neurology.

2. What kind of insurance do you accept?
For Chiropractic Patients we accept patients that have out of network Chiropractic benefits (ppo, hmo doesn’t accept us)
For Thyroid we accept PPO plans (which usually cover blood work tests )

3. How much are office visits?
1st visit is complimentary for thyroid and Chiropractic
Office visits after the first free consultation are $150 for Thyroid which is usually every 3 -4 weeks

4. How much is an adjustment?
An adjustment can vary anywhere from $50-$94, it just depends on your condition.

5. Does he prescribe medication?
No Dr. Gorgas does not prescribe medication everything is done naturally.
The way he goes about helping patients finding the underlying cause of their symptoms through functional blood analysis, proper nutrition, lifestyle changes and supplements but we have a network of doctors that we refer in case of need.

6. My insurance doesn’t cover it.
In our office we work with you. If you want the care we will find a way for you to get it.

7. Does insurance cover office visits or supplements?
For Thyroid –No.Insurance does not cover for any office visits or supplements but supplements if you have a HSA or FSA usually you can submit supplements on those and if at the end of the year you need a letter from us with diagnoses codes we will happily write it for you.

8. Does he do any military discounts?
Yes, as well as senior discounts.

9. What kind of testing do you do?
We do Blood tests and Saliva tests.
Saliva Tests -we test Adrenals, Hormones male and female and also some food sensitivities like gluten, eggs and dairy
Blood tests- we do around 60 markers where we test CBC,Lipids, Thyroid panel including Thyroid Antibodies, Inflammation markers and very important markers like vitamin D, Iron, LDH etc.
We look at functional values (it can become a problem) not only pathological values (areas that you already have a problem)

10. Why do you run those tests?
Very often there are additional markers that are a contributing factor to your thyroid symptoms. You may have deficiencies that are precluding your thyroid gland from normal function.

11. Does Dr. Gorgas do Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts consultations?

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