Important Lab Hack to Apply When Told

“Your Labs Are Normal”

Are you one of  millions of people being told daily that your Labs are Normal while continuing to experience the following symptoms?


Brain Fog


Weight Gain (even with exercise)



Thinning Hair / Hair Loss

Night Sweats

Thinning of Outer Third of Eyebrows

Low Sex Drive

Mood Swings & Depression

Trouble Concentrating

Trouble Focusing

Trouble Remembering

Recurrent Headaches

Menstrual Problems

Cold Hands and Feet

Muscle and Joint Pain

Dry Skin and Scalp

Food Sensitivities

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms and are being told that your lab work is normal, you are not alone! And, you are not crazy!

I’m sure it’s frustrating being rushed in and out of your doctor’s office… each visit walking out with a new prescription and NO ANSWERS.

Empower yourself now and prevent this from ever happening to you again with my Functional Lab Interpretation Guide!

The Trouble with Normal Lab Results

It is estimated that some 20 million cases of thyroid dysfunction and many other conditions go undiagnosed each year and inadequate blood tests is the major factor.

A bigger problem is that 80 percent of these people are being told that their “Labs are Normal”.

My Functional Lab Guide may be the first step needed to achieve optimum health.

I will teach you how to decode your lab report and enhance your understanding of what those markers mean.

No more big names with no clue as to what they mean.

Learn what each marker means and which organs and systems are involved.

Learn which patterns may show you the underlying causes

Compare functional ranges with the labs that you are being told are “Normal”

Learn to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices

This is the first time that this information has become available for patients to advocate for themselves

NO, It’s Not All in your Head

With this Guide people suffering with thyroid symptoms and other symptoms are now able to interpret “Normal ” values of their Lab results into Functional Values.
It is difficult to place a price for such an important tool. Some practitioners would agree that a value of $500.00 is not far fetched for such valuable information.

My Functional Lab Interpretation Guide is being offered for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for personalized medical advice.

However, the information is very empowering and useful when seeking answers to your health problems.

Although our patients feel that this information is well worth our consult fee of $150.00, I want to make it available to all those people that are looking for answers and suffering from the “Your Labs are Normal Syndrome”, but still cannot spend the $150.00.

30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Most people would pay $99.00 for this Interpretation Guide. However, I still feel that this price would keep people who need this information the most from purchasing it. Even with the 30 day 100% money back guarantee that we offer.

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Learn the 4 most Important questions to ask when told your labs are normal but still suffer from low thyriod symptoms.

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The Trouble with Normal Lab Results 

Tired of being told your Labs are Normal?

Ever wonder what those “Normal Labs values” Mean? 

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