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Our 100% drug free solutions have helped 1000’s regain their lives again without drugs or surgeries.

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So, you have pain and you can't sleep. You live with discomfort all day. You get stressed when you can't concentrate at work due to the pain. You take pills and it gets better for a few hours. You become irritated with your spouse and kids after pushing through at work. You still hope that the pain will “just go away”, but it persists. You get used to the pills and the pain …or do you?

Why wait any longer when you can call Dr Gorgas????

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Chiropractic Care is the safe, natural alternative treatment to taking pain killers, getting injections or undergoing costly surgeries and can boost your immunity too. All pain is relievable when you find the cause! Dr. Gorgas knows that the cause is usually due to a pinched nerve somewhere! Not only will he take the time to take X-rays and examine your thoroughly, but he will also educate you on how the nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ of the body and how that relates to your pain!

"Dr. Gorgas confirms that there wouldn’t be an opiate crisis today if patients would have consulted chiropractors first"

Because everyone has a Brain and Nervous system, it doesn’t matter how old you are to get results. From newborns to the elderly, we can all benefit from a nervous system that is functioning without interference, or pinched nerves.

Are you suffering from any of these?

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These are real people who came to us seeking answers and guidance to improve their health.

"In just 3 days Dr. Gorgas made me feel so much better!"

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Our practice offers:

A great consultation and education with Dr. Michael Gorgas (36 years of experience)

Also we have a team of specialists orthopedic, neurology and MRI imaging centers that we refer as nedeed.
In our office we are fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese and a little bit of other languages.
Also available are the ordering of the proper lab tests to evaluate hidden inflammation and other diseases.

We welcome walk ins and we are accepting new patients.
We accept 3rd party liens and med pay.
Some Insurances accept us, some don’t so we have to verify.

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