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No medical referral or insurance adjuster authorization necessary if you are "Not At Fault".

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NUMBER ONE Go-To Chiropractor for Auto Accidents in Oceanside, California!

Dr. Michael Gorgas offers the true standard of chiropractic care, commitment to your health and wellness, and optimal customer service beyond the industry standard. The Doctors and Staff at the Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Headache Relief Center are skilled practitioners delivering precise adjustments and therapies according to your customized treatment plan. Our goal is support your body’s natural healing process, which ultimately relieves your pain. As specialists in chiropractic pain relief, Dr. Gorgas is proudly recognized as the NUMBER ONE Go-To Chiropractor for Auto Accidents in Oceanside, California! We treat the various injuries which occur from auto accidents such as whiplash, herniated discs, head injuries, concussions and many more.

Dr. Michael Gorgas has been treating patients with car accident injuries for over 36 years. His office is equipped with in house state of the art digital x-rays to determine the underlying cause of your pain. His office works with a team of orthopedists and neurologists if you need a referral and we work with numerous imaging centers in case you need an MRI.

Our mission is to find the cause of the pain, reduce your pain, and get you back to pre-accident status ASAP.

We Still Accept Third Party Liens

Unlike most doctors' offices, we will provide the treatment you need immediately and wait until your case settles to receive payment for our services. We accept third party liens.


If you have an attorney, we will keep them updated with your progress and treatment. Our staff will work closely with your auto injury attorney whether they are in California or in another state. Our office may recommend that the patient seek legal advice in cases of personal injury and to assist with the settling of the case with the insurance company. We provide a medical report at the end of care to substantiate your personal injury case to help you obtain a fair settlement. Dr. Gorgas also has experience testifying as an expert witness if necessary in litigation cases.

Auto Accidents Injury Specialist

Every day millions of people get behind the wheel and have the misfortune of getting into a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA). Some are minor collisions, some are more serious.

Car accident injuries are very common and quite often the pains don’t show up immediately. It can be several days or weeks later. This is the very reason insurance adjusters have been trained to contact you immediately after the accident and get your statement of injuries. They know that the pain and symptoms don’t show up immediately, especially when you are stressed out trying to arrange alternative transportation. This is WHY you must NEVER tell the adjuster that you are “OK” or “feeling fine” when they call right after the accident.

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REMEMBER! Injuries will take days or weeks to appear!

Injuries may take days or weeks to appear but most accident victims wait until the pain is unbearable. Don’t wait! Call our office and seek attention immediately. Even a low speed MVA can cause significant damage to the body that may result in lifelong problems if not treated correctly.

Injuries are not always visible at first. Depression, blurred vision, trouble sleeping and memory problems are all symptoms of a trauma caused by a car accident.

Yes, a lot of you have already been to the hospital and to the doctor and had X-rays taken and already prescribed medicine for your pain but you still feel that there is something wrong.

Let me share shed some light on some of the different injuries caused by car accidents.

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These are real people who came to us seeking answers,pain relief and guidance to improve their health.

"Car accident patient feels blessed to have Dr. Gorgas taking care of her injuries!"

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If you have been in a recent car accident and suffer from any of the symptoms discussed above, please don’t hesitate to call our office for an appointment at 760-433-4000

There are no prior authorizations, doctor referral or special permission required if "Not at Fault"!.

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