Functional Lab Interpretation Guide


My Functional Lab Interpretation Guide may be the missing link to identifying the overlooked lab markers keeping you from expressing vibrant health.

I will teach you how to decode your lab report and enhance your understanding of what those markers mean.

If you or someone you love is suffering from any of the above symptoms and are being told that your lab work is normal, you are not alone! And, you are not crazy!

I’m sure it’s a huge frustration getting rushed in and out of your doctor’s visits…each visit, walking out with a new prescription  and NO ANSWERS.

Empower Yourself and prevent this from ever happening to you again with my Functional Lab Interpretation Guide!

Perhaps the grossest mismanagement of health begins and ends with the blood test.

It is estimated that some 20 million cases of thyroid dysfunction and many other conditions go undiagnosed each year and inadequate blood tests is the main factor.
The bigger problem is that 80 percent of these people are being told their “Labs are Normal”

My Functional Lab Interpretation Guide may be the first step needed to achieve Optimum Health.


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Learn the 4 most Important questions to ask when told your labs are normal but still suffer from low thyriod symptoms.

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The Trouble with Normal Lab Results 

Tired of being told your Labs are Normal?

Ever wonder what those “Normal Labs values” Mean? 

Want to decode  Normal Labs Values into  “Functional Lab Values



New Lab Interpretation Guide

answers your questions and more!


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