What Does the Gut have to do with my Thyroid?

Weight Gain and Hypothyroid Symptoms!


To Most people suffering from Thyroid problems, this is a no brainer to figure out. However, it is uncommon for me to encounter a hypothyroid patient that does’t have stomach problems and intestinal abnormalities.

When I consult patients at the San Diego Thyroid Institute with ongoing thyroid symptoms I see a world of possibilities.There are so many things that can go wrong that could be creating the problems. I know that I must start searching to put the pieces together to help that person. One of the first places I look  is the stomach. Gut infections, Dysbiosis ( the over-growth of bacteria or yeast in the small intestine), Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) and food intolerance are the most common culprits. These conditions can upset the flora ( good bacteria) in the gut and have the potential to disrupt thyroid function.


These gut microorganisms can affect thyroid function at all levels including:


  1.  Thyroid Receptor site resistance – where your hormones can’t actually bind to your receptors. This creates the classic presentation of ongoing thyroid symptoms despite being able to see normal amounts of TSH in your Labs
  2. Decreased T3 production
  3. Decreased TSH production from your pituitary

All of that from your stomach! Thought you just had a Thyroid Problem didn’t you?


If you experience bloating, constipation or diarrhea, then you must consider the impact of how gut infections, dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome are affecting your thyroid. dealing with Gut issues is imperative if you want to feel good again.


Here is what Leanne E. has to say about how her health improved. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and had all the symptoms associated with the condition. I was fatigued, frumpy,losing my hair, had daily headaches, neck pain, etc. I had consulted my endocrinologist for years about this symptoms and the problems I was having  with my stomach and bowels. I bloated after every meal and if I wasn’t constipated, I would have lose stools. It wasn’t until I consulted with DR .GORGAS that he shined the light on the cause of my gastrointestinal problems. He also enlightened me on how the nerves also control the function to not just my stomach, but every part of my body. Following  his recommendation protocol of diet change, supplements and Chiropractic adjustments, I started feeling the best I felt in years within two weeks. I can proudly say that my digestion problems have disappeared along with my headaches. Most of all, I am not feeling tired and frumpy anymore.


At the San Diego Thyroid Institute we take a whole person approach making sure that you understand the underlying causes of your problems so that you can feel and function better. Most importantly we care and listen to our patients. Our goal is to educate you so that you can manage your thyroid symptoms for LIFE!



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