Proper Testing So Important!

This is one of the reasons that I ask patients to do the proper testing  Blood Work and Saliva so they don’t have to go through what Mary Carmen did.

This is the translation in English:

Hello I am MaryCarmen and I am 56 years old and I have thyroid problems”Hashimotos” It has been 3 years or more that I don’t feel good and I started to look for doctors that could take care of my thyroid problems. I started the process of “You don’t have anything” ” Go to the Psychiatrist” “You have other diseases” and I lived 3 years with the wrong diagnosis.
Now I have 3 weeks with Dr Gorgas and I am so Happy I noticed so much change, I understand all the process that I have to go through to change my habits in my life but now I know why.

Dr Gorgas explained me exactly what I have by doing the proper blood tests and saliva tests and I really have a problem and has a solution.
I admit I was a little nervous and scared but now I am so happy because I noticed so much changes on me .
I have to drive from far away but its worth it because I sleep better I change my dietary habits and my energy, mood and my relationship with my kids and husband has improved too

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Oceanside- CA 92054


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