Of all the symptoms that I consult patients for , WEIGHT GAIN and FATIGUE are at the top of the list!


A study published in December 2012 sheds light on this phenomenon we often see: a patient has elevated TSH but normal T4 and T3. If that person is gaining weight and experiencing fatigue do they also have Hypothyroidism?

By standard definition elevated TSH indicates Hypothyroidism. Usually elevated TSH levels correspond with a decrease in T4. But if the T4 levels are normal, this may indicate abnormal blood sugar metabolism or inadequate blood sugar. This phenomenon is usually referred to as Dysglycemia and includes blood sugar which is too high, Insulin Resistance, or blood sugar that is too low,Hypoglycemia. Both of these conditions may occur simultaneously and may often lead to Type II Diabetes.

One of the markers we look for in our patients who are experiencing weight gain is Dysglycemia. Many thyroid patients  have undiagnosed pre-diabetes or insulin resistance which can lead to elevated TSH levels and guess what? A number of hypothyroid symptoms such as hair loss, brain fog, menstrual irregularity, PCOS, not to mention the weight gain and fatigue!


So most patients who go to the doctor for weight gain and fatigue in which the doctor only sees elevated TSH levels are immediately placed on thyroid hormones. The underlying blood sugar problem never gets fully evaluated and the patient continues to suffer with symptoms because the lab marker was treated and not the PATIENT.


This is what Erin H has to say regarding the care she received from us. ” I am a 32 year old woman who had a long list of thyroid symptoms that many doctors I consulted only gave me a prescription for anti depressants and made me believe I just had to live with the condition. After meeting Dr Gorgas I felt confident that someone was actually hearing me. He ordered specific lab work and x – rays to evaluate my condition. The work up was extensive and he found the cause of my condition. The regimen of supplements, chiropractic adjustments and going gluten free has helped me live my life again. I am sleeping better, losing weight, have better moods and lots of energy. I actually feel my age again”.


This is why we take the whole person approach and make sure you Understand the problems and mechanisms involved so that you can feel and function better.

Most importantly, we care and listen to our patients.

We take a partnership approach to health care and encourage you to play an integral role in your treatment. Our goal is to educate you so that you can manage your thyroid symptoms for life.






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