Meet Dr. Michael Gorgas, DC

Dr. Gorgas is an internationally recognized leader in physical medicine and high performance sciences with decades of experience working with many of the worlds top performing athletes and business professionals.
Dr. Gorgas’s blend of interest and education in medical, nutritional and psychological sciences, along with his success as an entrepreneur, provide him with a unique advantage for helping you succeed in ways that no one else can.

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Our dietary supplements were created with utmost care and tested in a number of accredited laboratories with unbiased results. Donec consectetur nisl odio, a venenatis dui ullamcorper eu. Nulla vitae sapien purus.

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We know that successfully managing thyroid disorders takes more than just managing your TSH with thyroid replacement hormones.

We focus on the immune system, the most common mechanism for thyroid disorders in the United States.

We take a whole-person approach that factors in hormone imbalance, immune imbalance, adrenal and blood sugar imbalance, and digestive imbalance when formulating our approach for a patient.

We use functional lab testing to guide and direct our treatment.This means that your treatment protocol is based off the unique imbalances in YOUR body, not just what the ‘typical’ thyroid patient has.

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